The SCOEH research team has several decades of combined experience in occupational and environmental health:

  • Measurement and generation of aerosols (solid and liquid) and gas mixtures for clinical and epidemiological studies (fine dust and exhaust gases from road traffic, such as engine exhaust gases and brake dust, other abrasion, welding and industrial process dusts, but also large particles such as pollen or fungal spores).
  • Investigation of the principles of release and exposure and of protective measures against particles and nanomaterials in the workplace, the atmosphere and water.
  • Investigation of the health effects resulting from exposure to particles, gases and mixtures (allergic symptoms, cardiovascular function, inflammation, oxidative stress, neurocognitive effects) using epidemiological and clinical studies.
  • Definition and implementation of optimal risk management methods both in terms of human health and economic efficiency across the entire company and along the value chain.
  • Ergonomic studies ranging from road maintenance to new means of communication.
  • Air and workplace quality in offices.

We are also happy to examine questions in our domain of competence in collaboration with relevant partners.


SCOEH advises governments, research organisations and companies on scientific issues and assists them in preparing risk assessments and risk management approaches.

  • SCOEH helps them to find scientifically sound solutions that are practical, workable and affordable.
  • SCOEH is discreet and understands the importance of production and trade secrecy.
SCOEH also adheres to strict ethical principles in its consulting mandates.


The SCOEH team has many years of experience in communicating complex scientific issues. Our expertise ranges from advanced university education to informative public events and panel discussions. Our repertoire includes, among others:

  • Nanomaterials, their dangers and benefits, risks and opportunities, and strategies for their safe handling in laboratories, production and application.
  • Efficient approaches to the analysis, management and communication of risk.
  • Safe handling of environmental and industrial toxins at home and in commerce.
  • Healthy office air and workplaces.
We offer training and lectures in German, French, English and Chinese (Mandarin). Depending on the circumstances and effort involved, we would be happy to give a pro bono presentation.